Top 5 SQL Tips for Microsoft Dynamic GP

  1. Think necessity – Only look for the information you really need. The fewer rows that you pull in the quicker your query will be.
  2. Keep it simple stupid (KISS) – When you attempt to get fancy with the queries, it can have consequences. Meaning that the queries can take longer and pull unnecessary data.  Overcomplicating a query can cause unintended headaches that are avoidable.
  3. Select before a change – Select statement before you change it to a delete or update statement
  4. Measure twice, cut once when restoring a backup – Setup the restore and then go through the screens to verify that you have the correct databases, MDF and LDF selected.
  5. Always make a backup – Before you start troubleshooting an issue ALWAYS make a backup. Even if you do not anticipate making changes, make the backup.  For example, when I accidently dropped a table from the database while troubleshooting, anticipated hours of hardship were avoided by backing up the database before I started making changes.

Top 3 Reasons Your Database Maintenance Utility Won’t Run

1.  The utility is run during a SQL server move to verify the database.  This is always necessary when moving clients into a Multitenant move.  I have run into an issue where the version of GP.

2.  The database has an open query in SQL. If you ran a query in SQL and the Query window is still open then this can.

3.  There is a process for the database running in SQL Activity Monitor.