Case Study

I have had several clients come to me with the following error: GplPostBatch returned the following results: DBMS:0, Microsoft Dynamics GP 20052. This typically occurs when they are posting a Journal Entry in the GL or printing an edit list. The one thing that they all have in common is that they used the Excel Copy Paste Feature.

Solution; To prevent this error:
1. Always have the cursor in the first entry position when you paste from Excel.
2. Only the data that is being copied needs to be highlighted. This would leave the header information blank.
3. If your cursor ends up anywhere other than the blank account after pasting the data, then you will need to delete the blank line that appears at the bottom. Data is still in the line and is only appearing blank.

Solution; After the error already accrued:
1. Go to the end of the journal entry. If you expand the blank entry the entry should be blank. If you expand and its information in the Distribution reference then the entry is reading data in the field. Delete this line.
2. If the error still occurs after the line is deleted, then recreate the Journal entry by repasting it in. Delete the old journal entry.
3. If this is a persistent issue, then consider upgrading to GP2018 R2. In their most recent release, they included a fix list and this error was marked as repaired.

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