Top 5 Window Changes to Microsoft Dynamics GP 2018 R2

Its that time again where Microsoft releases a new update for our beloved product. Here is the countdown of my favorite top 5.

5. Retain the Ship-To-Address with Customer Modifier. In prior versions of Microsoft Dynamics GP, the Ship-To-Address name field was removed whenever a customer was modified with the modifier utility or the customer combiner.

4. A new smartlist that shows “Deposits on Unposted Sales Transactions.” This can be found in the smartlists by going to Sales -> Sales Transactions-> Deposits on Unposted Sales Transactions. This will allow your users to save time by not searching through sales transactions to see if any deposits exist. It is programmed to look at the Sales Order WORK table (SOP10100) with a ‘Deposit Received’ (DEPRECVD) greater than zero.


3. Excluding Inactive checkbooks in your lookup. I had a customer ask for this feature two months ago and Microsoft has delivered. It can make your users spot the correct checkbook even faster!


2. Add Vendor Document Number to Purchasing All-In-One View. When I did not think the All-In-One view could get better. This tool allows users to track related documents through the system. Where I ran into trouble when troubleshooting documents is that the vendor document number is the one known and not the document number. With this update, it has been added to the payments and credit documents columns.

1. The Vendor Hold Status will produce a warning when a user enters a transaction. Many clients complain that after they entered transactions they found that the vendor was on hold. Microsoft added a warning, “Vendor XXXX is currently on hold. Do you want to continue?,” to the Payables Vendor Inquiry, Payables Transaction Inquiry – Vendor, the Purchasing All-In-One View, and Payables Transaction Entry Zoom. These windows show a red stop sign after the vendor ID and show a clear indication that the Vendor has issues.


These are my Top 5 favorites. Has anyone else had a chance to review the changes?

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