SQL Error: “Unclosed quotation mark after the character string”

One of the most frustrating thing that happended to me recently was looking for an unenclosed quotation mark after a character.   The error message “Unclosed quotation mark after the character string” appeared when a client ran a Historical Aged Trial Balance for Payables Management in Microsoft Dynamics GP.  Microsoft offered a solution here.   My initial thought that I would be able to find the problem voucher with little effort.  It should have been a simple select statement filtered to look for a wildcard and single quotation.  I was wrong.

I found that T-SQL likes the single quotes as much as my cat likes water.  I still have scratches from the last bath (not pretty).  Here is a screenshot of my first attempt.


The syntax wasn’t compatible with my theory.  After about an hour of attempting different solutions, I found that you had to search for wildcards before and after the quotations. Here is the SQL solution.
Select * from PM30200 where Doctype=’6′ and VCHRNMBR like ‘%”%’

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