What to Do When a Microsoft Dynamic GP Validation Report Says a Correct Social Security Number Is Wrong

A validation report simply shows warnings that you will want to check to verify if information is correct.  I have seen in the past where an SSN number is correct and the number shows that it is wrong.  KB article 872100 addresses the errors and warnings that may appear on the payroll validation report.

In Microsoft Dynamic GP, the SSN number is verified in the validation report and will provide an error if:

  • The SSN is blank
  • The last two numbers are not between 01 and 99
  • There are too many or too little characters (more or less than 9)
    There is a duplicate SSN number in the system

First, I recommend that the payroll team verify the SSN number they received from their employee and that there was not a typo when inputting into the system.

If this is correct, then I recommend logging into the Social Security Administration’s website and using their SSN Verification Service.

If everything checks out with the SSA.gov, then I would recommend printing your W2 and proceeding.

If you use a printing service, such as Greenshades or Integrity Data.  I do recommend checking with them on how they proceed with errors.

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